Why Dateiload?

Dateiload is an internet service provider dedicated to providing secure and anonymous services for its customers. We are firmly committed to the belief that all users are entitled to release only information they wish to be public. We host millions of websites.


WE make the Difference!

Standard Unmetered VPS's

Our Standard Unmetered VPS's are ideal for high bandwidth requirements such as Shoutcast. Each VPS shares a 3Mbit/sec line with other VPS's on the same plan. Depending on the bandwidth utilization of each VPS, transfer rates of up to 1Tb a month are achievable.


Powered by Debian or CentOS

Plans Unmetered Linux1 Unmetered Linux2 Unmetered Linux3 Unmetered Linux4
Disk SpaceTip 3 GB 3 GB 3 GB 50 GB
Minimum Guaranteed RAM 64 128 192 256
BandwidthTip Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Maximum RAM        
Free IP Addresses $50,99/M $55,99/M $60,99/M $65,99
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99.9% Uptime GuaranteeTip
Instant Setup
Extras and Add-ons
Extra IPs (After First 10) optional optional unlimited unlimited
Extra Disk Space optional optional unlimited unlimited
Complete root User Access
Host unlimited domains
Resell Hosting
E-Mail Support
C-Panel Applications
SSH Access (OpenSSH)
Exim Mail Server
FrontPage Server Extensions
Mod_perl apache module
SSL for Apache
Pricing Information
Unmetered VPS's Unmetered Linux1 Unmetered Linux2 Unmetered Linux3 Unmetered Linux4
Monthly Price $50,99/M $55,99/M $60,99/M $65,99
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