Why Dateiload?

Dateiload is an internet service provider dedicated to providing secure and anonymous services for its customers. We are firmly committed to the belief that all users are entitled to release only information they wish to be public. We host millions of websites.


WE make the Difference!

Dateiload has provide hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites.

Our internet hosting package helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a affordable price.

At Dateiload we strive to deliver industry leading customer service.

Managed by a group of driven individuals who will not accept anything less than excellence, Dateiload customers can expect the best. Our team of technicians are trained in the art of customer care and fully understand the importance of prompt, polite service.

Our support methods include telephone support, email, ticket system and instant message.

We understand how crucial support availability is to our customers - we're never more than a click away.

Dateiload - Reachable 24/7.


We love it here and we're all focused on hosting.
It's what we do.
It's what we're good at.